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December 2013 

This month we are focusing on air filters, an often overlooked, but critical component of sorter maintenance.  We’ll also cover our recommendations for preventing major issues in the future and for ensuring optimum yield and efficiency.

 Sorter Tips: Air Filters

Key Technology’s sorters require little maintenance; however one of the components that does require occasional maintenance is the compressed air filtering equipment. Contaminated filter elements will affect optimal functioning in your sorter, lowering efficiency and ultimately yield.
Polluted compressed air can also affect your product stream, very small particles of grease and dust can come into contact with the product that is passing through the sorter, creating the risk of small amounts of dirt contaminating the product. Incoming air quality for our sorters should meet the ISO8573.1 air quality standard: filtered 40µm oil, water and dust-free. The quality of standard incoming compressed air varies depending on local conditions such humidity and dust. Check the filters on the plant’s compressed air system to ensure they are sufficient to comply with the ISO8573.1 specifications for a food processing facility.
Fluctuating temperatures, humidity and other external factors such as dust will all be neutralized by an optimal working compressed air filter system because it ensures consistent air quality is supplied to the sorter. Standard air dryers and cleaners are not always sufficient because they let dust, oil particles, and other contaminants pass which can reduce the lifetime of several critical sorter parts.
Grease or dust in your compressed air can damage the air gun valves, making the sorting process less efficient. It also reduces the lifespan of the valve mechanism and can damage critical parts in the optics box.

 Chute-fed Sorters

Key’s chute-fed sorters, including Taurys, Visys Cayman, Visys Spyder, Visys Python, and Visys Lynx, all have two filters:

Clean room filter set:
The clean room filter is a double-stage filter and is used to provide clean, conditioned air to the optics box in order to keep it under a permanent positive pressure to prevent dust and humidity coming into contact with the optics.
Chute-fed Slean Room
Compressed air regulators:
The filter in the compressed air regulator is used to clean the air that flows to the air valves. The high-precision air valves are used to eject the defects from the incoming product stream.
Air Regulator
How do I know when to change the filters?
Our chute-fed sorters all have standard, built-in indicators that turn from blue to pink when the filters need to be replaced.  Replacing the filters is simple and only takes five minutes.  Refer to your service manual for step-by-step replacement instructions.

 Belt-fed Sorters

Key Technology’s belt–fed sorters are equipped with particulate and coalescing filters at the air supply inlet. Replacing these filters should be part of your annual, or more frequently if needed, air supply maintenance program and the filters should be checked on a regular basis throughout the year. 

Locating the air filters:
Manta Air Filter
2000: the filters are accessible above the utility
cabinet on the left side of the conveyor assembly.
1600: the filters are mounted to the housing on the
infeed end of the sorter under the conveyor.  
Optyx Air Filter
The filters are located in the utility cabinet on the
left side of the housing assembly.
Tegra Air Filter
The filters are located in the utility cabinet on the
left side of the housing assembly below the belt. 
How do I know when to change the filters?
A drop in air pressure or inadequate pressure to remove defects and foreign material may be an indication that the filter needs to be replaced. The coalescing filter has a pop-up indicator to help identify when it must be changed. If the air supply tends to have moisture, an air drier should be installed in the line upstream from the sorter. Refer to your service manual for step-by-step replacement instructions.

 Troubleshooting Air Pressure Problems

Air Pressure Troubleshooting
Key Technology advises routine maintenance of the compressed air filters every six months. Contact us for more information on spare filters or if you have questions regarding the maintenance and replacement of air filters in your sorter.

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